Threaded Core Animation, Part Deux

(Just for curiosity)

Thanks to its threading, Core Animation graphically updates itself when calling [CATransaction commit], even if we're in the middle of heavy work on the main thread. But how do you update standard NS* controls ?

With … [CATransaction commit], of course :) We'll work here with NSProgressIndicator. First, setup CA for that control. : [progress setWantsLayer:YES];. Then, in the middle of your heavy work :

[CATransaction begin];
[progress setDoubleValue:newValue];
// No refresh happens unless we change something, so dummy change opacity
[[progress layer] setOpacity:1];
[CATransaction commit];

And you'll see your control update. It's pretty useless because the progress animates itself in the main thread's idle time and we're eating all of it, so there's no animation ! Just the progress … progressing.

And it doesn't seem to work on WebView.

Core Animation

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