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In Christmas 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 flew around the moon. With the 40th anniversary coming up, they're talking about Apollo again :

Borman Probably the most knowledgeable [journalist] was Jules Bergman. He knew [Apollo] backwards and forwards.
anchor Everyone knows Walter Cronkite, maybe not as many people will remember Jules Bergman. Smart fellow ! I spoke to Walter 4 days ago, told him I was going to be talking to you, he said to say hello.
Borman He's still alive !
anchor He said the same about you !

Anders We didn't go to the moon for Teflon frying pans or lunar rocks. We went to the moon to beat the dirty commies !

Anders The earthrise picture is certainly a memorable part, it helped kickstart the environmental movement. Al Gore used that picture in Inconvenient Truth. I think he took it right after he invented the Internet.

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