Loving the for

Early on in my programming life, I decided on a specific use for each iterator which became the doxa I never deviated from :
  • for I know the quantity of stuff to iterate, for (i=0; i<count; i++) will do just fine
  • while I don't know what I'm getting, I'll be getting it while it's there : while (node) { ... node = node->next }

One nice thing with for is that you can skip to the next element with continue :

for (i=0; i<count; i++)
	element = array[i]
	if (!someConditionOnElement) continue

	compute !

Using while you need to open a brace to go through your condition and not skip the next element code node->next :

node = firstNode
while (node)
	if (someConditionOnNode)
		compute !
	node = node->next

Clunky ! But … opening one more brace can be avoided when looking back at the initial form of for :

for (initialization; condition; nextElement)

All these 3 are expressions : you can use operators, function calls, arithmetic, or the Comma Trick for multiple expressions separated by a comma — but not statements. That way we can fix our while to put the next element code in the for :

for (node=firstNode; node; node=node->next)
	if (!someConditionOnNode)	continue
	compute !
Cleaner and shorter !

Qwerty Denzel
2008 07 18

You could also use a do while loop:

node = firstNode;
do {
    if (! someConditionOnNode )
    compute !
} while ((node=node-&gt;next));

Note that this doesn't test for node being non-NULL initially. To do this you could probably just stick an if statement before like:

node = firstNode
if (node) do {
Patrick Geiller
2008 07 18

Indeed, but you have to repeat the condition :( which may be more complicated than if (node).

2008 07 18

For those who (like me) hadn't ever heard the word "doxa": it's the governing opinion, which is sublated through logos to episteme. Also a brand of watches. Wikipedia rules.

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