Introducing CocoaNav, a Cocoa Class Browser

CocoaNav is a project I've built to teach myself Cocoa. It parses frameworks in /System and displays them with Core Animation. And it's open source !

Download CocoaNav


If some of you are motivated to help, leave a comment. The app is stable but the parsing sucks and does not understand C functions, defines, or structs — only Objective C classes. CocoaNav can parse your projects and display their classes in the Cocoa hierarchy (eg your NSView subclasses will shop up as descendant of NSView in the tree), but there is no refresh when you're editing your files. Apparently FSEvents can notify the file changes, now to handle them … Also only .h files are parsed, so any method defined in .m files won't show up.

Can CocoaNav be used to visually check things like Demeter's Law ? Or to graph which functions are called by whom how many times ? This would make a depth graph of function usage, if it's too messy this might be time to refactor ! I've never seen a way to visually glimpse the code flow of a project, that would be pretty cool if we could do that visually. With Core Animation, of course :)

Marc Driftmeyer
2008 05 22

Add a minimum operating system requirements description.

Patrick Geiller
2008 05 22

Indeed, I forgot that. Fixed, thanks !

You'll need Mac OS X 10.5.2+.

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