84 percent dynamic

I'm looking into github to use as source control. I'm stumped at all the dynamic languages topping the usage chart :

Image:Github top languages.png

I'm veeeery pleased to see C++ at 2% :)

It's a matter of who is using the site. The reason for the popularity of dynamic languages in Github is the people using it. The site was created in Ruby on Rails (though I believe Erlang is used in its backend as well) and I believe the Rails team is using Github as the repository for Rails. Plus, early on, the RoR world embraced Git as their SCM of choice, hence the popularity of Ruby, in particular. Because of this history, Github has become the darling of the startup oriented, web application development population, and so, languages that are most popular for developing web applications are going to be the most popular on Github.

At least, that's my theory anyway :-)

Jon Maddox
2008 12 19

Also, you'll find that those languages have a much more active open source community that have adopted modern collaboration tools like GitHub. Much more say than a mailing list oriented community like Cocoa.

Patrick Geiller
2008 12 19

So that explains the Ruby overexposure. I didn't expect it static languages to be that low. C+Java+C++ = 6% !

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